Friday, 13 December 2013

Dragon Rapide

I am currently making a master for a high end multi media 1/32nd scale kit of a De Havilland DH89..
Since I have removed myself from all forums of late due to the propensity for kit bashing and the dearth of any real modelmaking, I have told my customer that I will keep him appraised via the blog.
So, awaiting hi-build  primer between the masking tape to represent slight surface variances and rib tapes, here is the wing prepared.
The other is now ready for marking up and masking as the engine nacelles have been made for both sides.


  1. Looking great! I, too, find the blog handy for keeping my model railway customers up-to-date...not so useful for oil-related clients, as everything has to be "yesterday" for them. I'm looking into purchasing a Tardis, if you know where I might find one....nothing on Ebay at the mo. :-)

  2. If I find one for you, could I be your assistant, Doc? No red hair, but great legs