Friday, 6 December 2013

By contrast....

Just a quick experiment.  I always prefer scenery photos in black and white.  They have all that '50s atmosphere that made me a modelmaker in my childhood.
Here are the cafe pics in b&w.

Too cold last night in the workshop so I made the doors for Tony Moss's workshop and cut out the main walls for the Ferry Station down platform waiting room.  Pics later.


  1. This is looking great, Martin...and I agree with you about the mono treatment, I have the same memories of illustrations in old modelling magazines!

  2. It's a shame I can't get a decently sharp shot of the caff. Still working on that.

  3. Ah, black and white. So evocative. A lovely shot of a lovely model.

  4. The shot could be a lot lovelier. But thanks, Chas. I enjoyed doing it.