Sunday, 8 December 2013

At last, a crisp photo, but...

At last!  But which set of variables did I use for it?  Gawd knows.
One light off, one on, hand held, ISO100 or 64?  Pff!  Maybe it's the white background. All I know is on holding the button half down, none of the shots had the green light telling me it was ready!!  I just took 'em anyway.
Anyway, this is what comes out of the window aperture after trimming with end cutters.
The front and rear screens are cooking and next time it'll be these all filed up and fitting sweetly.


  1. Yes, that is a crisp shot. I don't think the ISO is important between 100, 80 and 64, although the lower the better to save artefacts. I think the trouble you have been having is due to the infernal autofocus. It obviously has a mind of it's own, but here it had no choice but to fix upon the subject and nothing else. Perhaps there is an option on your camera for centre weighted focus, that way you can isolate something in the centre and be (reasonably) sure it's there...I'm still intrigued to see what you do next with the milliput :-).

  2. I think you're right, Iain, as the two half decent shots are where I've shot straight down on the subject. The blur is always those at an angle, even with a white background the focus seems to hunt all over. I've been reading some other reports on a quick google by people who can't get the macro to focus, which is a little alarming.