Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Some days are just ...odd...

Needing some cockpit green and Miliput I decided to simply pop into town to pick the provisions up quickly as we now live much nearer the model shop.  When I say model shop, it's mainly a toy shop. It's called Prams and Toys and, with a few kids' bikes thrown in, that is what it is.  Up one end are plastic kits, die cast cars, a few railway items and a few materials.  The fact that they charge way over the top for Milliput is balanced by the fact that the nearest cheaper supply is at least 3 quid's worth of petrol away. They also have balsa, hardwoods, K&S Metal Centre and EMA Plastruct stuff, so are actually quite useful.  They shut on Wednesday, annoyingly, even though there are at least 3 women staff there all day, every day. Surely a rota could be designed to keep the shop open on a Wednesday? I do find Early Closing a preposterous notion where a shop is staffed by more than one person.

I looked in vain for cockpit green.  Humbrol do what they call cockpit green and it is so dark and dull that it has no place in an aircraft, so I bought a tin of "Pastel Green", which, on the colour chart, looked bang on, but the tin lid caused me to search out the sunglasses.  I'm off to mix the twain into some semblance of what is in the Tiger Moth.

Oddest of all was that on the way in I saw an immaculate scarlet MG Maestro, a lime green Austin Princess, a brand Johnny Spankers soft top Lamborghini Ausfarht or whatever the latest one is stupidly called in bright orange and nicest of all an unsupercharged (as were most) 4 1/2 Litre Bentley displaying a wonderful patina of age and use, without being a rat, like so many are these days in some kind of fashionable idiocy.  He'd just filled up at Morrisons.  Bet he got some points on his card!
Where all these rare cars live in this largely rural community I have no idea, but they're tucked away somewhere!

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