Monday, 12 September 2016

Odder still...

Is the fact that, having fought tractors and traffic to get to Felthorpe last Wednesday I find that the relevant Tiger Moth has no cockpit green in it whatsoever!  Also, some clown had taxied the poor old girl into a perimeter fence in an attempt to turn it quickly and the port lower wing had had to be repaired.  Not complaining because it meant there was a wonderful whiff of Nitrated Dope in the air!

The framing is gloss black, the door inners are matt black and having recently been recovered the inside of the bodywork is bare unpainted fabric, a kind of pale beige-ish tint.  Control rods are all silver painted. Seats are black vinyl and headboards a sort of brick red.  So there, you HAVE to look at the actual aircraft you're modelling to get the right info.

On colours alone you wouldn't guess this is a Tiger Moth!

This will also be a bit of a test of my masking skills, or is it masking luck?  I've never been too sure how much of each is involved.
But the scheme is mid blue over sky blue with silver flying surfaces, lined in mid blue and black.

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