Monday, 29 August 2016

Tram fiddlers turn at eleven...

Well, well, I certainly seem to have activated something in tramville!  I'm getting a regular stream of vitriol sent to me to publish on this blog by people who, whilst first accusing me of being a troll, nonetheless take me seriously enough to get all offended by my words about gauges and standards. You can't have it both ways, boys (and I use that word intentionally).  Either I'm an evil troll and so should be ignored, or I'm making a point that you know to be true enough to be offended by.

Either way, I believe the modern expression is something like "suck it up, baby".  I really don't give a damn.

Somebody today who can only half allow his name to be known (others have been fully anonymous) claimed that he has checked my work and reckons it is not to a professional standard.  He didn't mention which clairvoyant he used to see all the work that I never had the chance or thought to photograph and so isn't on the internet or anywhere else, but which, amongst other things, raised a family and paid a mortgage.  Something I doubt he and his tram fiddler friends could have done with their Superquick and tarbrush standards of model making.

I have never encountered a bunch of such touchy individuals before.  I asked a question, they took offence, so I hit 'em a bit harder with a criticism.  They have blown up over it.  Well from now on, whatever drivel they chose to waste their time sending me will not be published on here, good or bad, I really don't have the time or interest.

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