Saturday, 20 August 2016

Tales from the new shed...

Well, I can't get much else in the space and so I had a bash at getting something done in the new shed.
It seems it works, too as I've managed to get a friend's one-off Delage GP well underway.  His great Uncle, it seems, one "Bummer" Scott,  (NO! Dutton Minor, stop that) bought a 1 1/2 Litre GP Delage from his mate, Malcolm Campbell and raced it in somewhat modified form at Brooklands, etc.
My chum had bought himself some lump of resin from an ebay seller some time ago and started to remove the exhaust, but had given up and so, decided to pass the whole job on to me. Not only to correct the body, but make for it a scale, brass chassis with all the necessary slot car bits on.  So that's what I've been at for a week or so recently.
Old "Bummer" enjoying his latest toy

The modified body and scale brass chassis.

The body on its chassis, with an aluminium cockpit and in the background the new Brooklands exhaust.

I have also managed to get some more planks on the Vanity model. We now have 4 a side, no thanks to epoxy glue tother day, when for no obvious reason the mixture failed and let the planks go loose!
So, much as I don't like the stuff, I had to scrape all the epoxy off and replace with PVA and get on with that.
Add to that some work on the lathe and we seem to have got ourselves comfortable in the new workshop.


  1. Glad to hear you're modeling. You seem to be having a good time!

  2. Where does all this slot racing take place?

    Back in the 1960s, my dad used to do it in Luton on a 6 lane track they made themselves. His cars were plastic kits fitted with a chassis also made from a kit. It all sounds fun, but I can't see the appeal if you just buy Scalextric RTR.

  3. Phil, after the doldrums at the end of the 60s when American works drivers and overpriced can motors killed the club scene I loved, it slowly reformed around "Scalextric" clubs and now most larger areas have a club. Still mainly 4 and 6 lane hand made, routed in MDF usually. Some use large accumulations of Carrera, Scalextric or Ninco plastic tracks. Thy charge weekly fee for racing, but most are bog standard or slightly modified RTR stuff, which is why I don't do it. I make, I don't buy! Oddly if you want to run the above sort of stuff you can enter any number of Open meetings with rules that allow you to make stuff and indeed discourage or even disallow RTR.

  4. Bartholomew, I guess it beats working for a living! Even when that what I was doing. I do it because I can. I'd rather be making model boats or drawing to be honest.

  5. Thanks. I'll look into this.

    The doldrums was when my dad gave up. He and his friends spent many, many hours building a track and once it was done, people who had done nothing but throw money at American import stuff arrived and took over. Those with converted Airfix who had spent their cash building the track couldn't hope to compete.

    I just like the idea of motorising a plastic kit initially. Probably a Beetle and very likely with a load of modifications to make it look like a rally number from the 1960s. It just sounds a bit different from trains.

  6. Go for it, Phil. If I can help, advise, point in directions, let me know. Slot Rally is the new black. I make exclusively rally stuff for one guy. He has nearly 2000 slot rally cars in his collection and is semi-retiring from his business "to concentrate on my hobby"!

  7. Hi, can you please email me at regarding the albatross model boat you made. Thanks.