Friday, 19 December 2014

Where thar's brass...

.....thar's moock, so those strange northern persons say.
So here's a few bits o' brass off the canal boat model.  I was busying myself, lathing, yesterday.

A back cabin chimney, a forecabin chimney, a roof exhaust, 2 studs, a rudder head and a swan neck. Ooh I love boaty terms!

The brass bands that always are wrapped round the chimnies for decoration are effectively produced by turning some of the  brass tube away and leaving the bands to be polished and masked when the chimnies are painted gloss black.  They also have plugs in the bottom so that they can be removed for safety.  The plugs have yet to be soldered into base plates, as have the studs.  One stud goes either side of the rudder head for tying lines to.  The rudder head is a (to my eyes overly complex) conbobulation of bits and pieces best known to modern day equipment suppliers to get the pressures from you on the swan neck to the rudder, so your boat will go left or right, port or starboard, in or out in boat lingo.  It is mounted at an angle pointing aft, so the swan neck has to be that strange shape. Odd how our 70 year old wooden Nurser built working boat had none of that crap, yet handled with one finger like a dream....innit?  The wooden thing is just the backslide which will be shown fixed shut, so that I don't have to model all the interior.

More as it happens, folks.

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