Sunday, 14 December 2014

Ah, the good ol' Sunday Market...

I am forever telling people that they should buy their tools at Boot Fairs, Sunday Markets, etc.
And today was no exception.
Within minutes, I found a pair of very fine nosed pliers, of excellent quality for 50p, then I spotted a Mini AVO meter in a typically AVO leather case in perfect condition for a fiver!  Perfect for the car (although I wouldn't know what to do with the electrics on a modern one like I am now forced to own)
Chris found a fibre optic Christmas tree with all the knobs and whistles for £15, normally retailing at over 40!

So we were all sorted, for pocket money (not that I get any usually!)

Even at a very sparse market, there are bargains to be found.
Get out to one and stock up.


  1. I keep seeing your mention of markets and all your interesting finds, and it prompts me to want to go to my local markets and car boot sales. But, whenever I note that they are on, I forget them until it's too late, I really must write a note and stick it on the fridge door!

  2. Lloyd, you must have some good ones where you are. Find the seller of good OLD tools and you're off and running. Keep a look-out for Swiss files. They often come in bundles for a couple of quid a bundle. Even if they're a bit blunt, they can be ground into chisels.