Monday, 22 December 2014

Found a trailer...

No point doing a racing boat without a trailer to put it on, so here's one I made earlier.  Well, actually it was Little Richard at S.A.M.S. who made it and sent it to me.  I made masters for several different trailers, from a small box jobby on Morris Artillery wheels to a 6 canoe carrier.  But this 4 wheeler had all the bling on it.
Naturally, it'll be dirtied up a little, just a very little as these guys tend to keep a clean machine.
Also did some work on the bot last night.  Painted the engine and glued some of it's bits on.  And I see i have mails from my old mate Rich, no doubt correcting my assumptions on drive lines, etc. for the Rayson.  Rich is a fount of all things speedboat, railroad, scenery and so much more.  The most widely read gentleman I have ever known.
He's like having my own personal Stephen Fry!

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