Wednesday, 23 February 2011

U2 can have a body like this...

Way back when we were allowed to build, register and drive what we liked without Nanny having a say in the matter and holding their palm out to be crossed with unjustifiable silver, a chap called Major Arthur Mallock built a little competition car, but used it on the road too. Thinking he could capitalise on this he offered the frames for £48-10 shillings. It cost 48 1/2 pounds and weighed 48 1/2 pounds. He lifted the Charles Atlas advertising slogan, by showing a feel for "text speak", advertising his little chassis in the 750 MC Bulletin...."U2 can have a body and chassis like mine". Thus began a series of Clubman's cars, all called U2 and now up to Mk.35. His cars and those developed by his sons, STILL dominate that specialised field of competition known as Clubman's Formula. Front engined Sports Racers, my favourite kind.
I decided that it was time a nice model was made. I made a
pattern many years ago in brass for a white metal kit in 1/43rd scale, but it never got produced.
So now, I'm doing a pattern in 1/32nd scale for a slot racer and have chosen the Mk 18 version as the most typical shape of a mid-era Clubman's car.
Help from Mallock Sports, who make the cars to this day has allowed me to do some drawings and I shall be cutting material very soon.

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