Saturday, 19 February 2011

The next stage

As you can see, I have removed FPF Models link from the home page as it will soon be all change on that front.
Dave Capelen of Slotcarmann will producing most, if not all of the models in the old range, possibly with some upgraded and with more bits. They will obviously be more expensive, but should be worthy of the increase.

Because I'd had some models planned for FPF which won't necessarily be on Dave's priority list, I shall endeavour to produce them myself when I can.

The first will be the S-type Invicta Low chassis. I have received so much help from Mike Hyatt, a man who virtually grew up with Invictas as run by his family friend, Donald Munro, that it's only fair that I do that one first.
It will be a big job as Invictas have so many individual louvres and these will all have to be put on the pattern individually. There's no way to cheat.
The next one will be the Trident Venturer, only because I used to have one and think it's about time there was a nice slot racing shell of that most beautiful of cars.
Then there will be a Piper, possibly two. On Tuesday, I will be visiting an old friend who used to have one of the three Le Mans GTRs. He still produces a track-day car made in the original's moulds, so I'll be measuring up for a model of that. But I also had a Piper GTA many years ago. The Piper road car, GTT and P2, is so under-known, that I think it should be done. Mine was a tarmac rally one, built from a very early car with the rare A-Series running gear, but the bodies were very similar on all of them.
And after these, the gorgeous Rejo. A car that makes even the lovely Lola Mk1 look a little ungainly.

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