Sunday, 20 February 2011

Patterns everywhere

It takes an age to put pictures on slot forum, so I thought I might as well use this blog to show some of my builds, mainly patterns for various ranges of cars.

The latest is a Clan Crusader in 1/32nd scale. It's made of wood with a little detailing in styrene where appropriate. The wood is pear, the only wood in my opinion to come close to modelling board which is great stuff, but has nasty dust and is expensive.

I did a Speedwell Sprite recently. I love all the different versions of these little cars. I had one once. It never let me down and was fun the whole time. Not that fast, but like a Kart on the bends.
This one was done using Milliput epoxy putty. marvellous stuff, made in Dolgellau.
I mentioned modelling board earlier. that would be Ebalta in Europe, CIBATool in Britain and Renshape in America. All much the same, just slightly different grades. These master patterns are made of it.
A Delahaye 135
A Maserati 6CL, also pre-War.
A Standard 8/10, unfinished at this stage.
Another material I certainly WON'T be working in again is wax. Ghastly stuff that gets everywhere and is a pig to smooth. I got this far with it, but then cast the model in resin and finished the pattern off in that.
It is a Labourdette Delage with the strange all glass window section. No pillars. Love that fin.
This Rover P6 racer was made the hard way. Balsa core, covered in car body filler, then carved.
This is just a very small selection of patterns I've made for slot racing, all 1/32nd scale.

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