Thursday, 31 March 2016


Today, I needed some Emery cloth.  To clean the rust off my old Champion No. 2 high speed drill which I gave my No. 1 son, but he never bothered with it and it rusted in his large damp shed.  He brought it back and left it with me and I can't just leave it.
Having a clear up in my shed last week I found a tin with canal stuff in it from 2003 when we first moved afloat.  Amongst all the stuff was a leaflet for a company locally, called ESP Marketing. When Chris checked the address on the 'net she found it still exists and is in fact, in the same building as Ketts Autopaints, of whom I am a regular customer and have been for years.
So, in to Ketts to get Emery cloth and I'm told that they don't do it (!!), but "the old geezer next door does" at which they bellow for Dave.
A decidedly ambulatory unstable old fella came in the connecting door twixt units, but immediately struck me as a man who knew finishes.  Not, alas, the nitrocellulose wood finishes on his old leaflet, but paint generally and all things painty.  Resisting his constant adverts for acrylic muck and water based anything, I asked for the Emery cloth.  Now, most places charge 50p a sheet for ordinary old wet 'n'dry by the sheet and heaven knows what for Emery, but Dave sold me four sheets at 50p each....for Emery!  Then happened to mention tiny brushes.  0 and double 0 AND pure sable.  He had cards of them......a quid a pop.  Come on!  These are at least 3-50 in art shops!
By a very spooky chance, today was the last day ESP Marketing officially exists.  Tomorrow all that stuff will be Ketts.
If you want Emery or tiny sable brushes in the Fenland area, hie thee over to Ketts in Algores Way, Wisbech and have a word with Dave.  Soon, Ketts will find the supplier's invoice and you will NOT be able to get Emery for 50p a sheet or a sable 00 brush for a quid!!

Dave will be there for another 6 months for advice, than he understandably retires.  I wish him well.

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