Saturday, 19 March 2016

Deafening silence...

As a friend said, this morning.
Well, yes, but why say anything when you can't think of anything TO say?

My 7 year old grandson apparently told his Mum yesterday that he felt "hungry, bored and empty inside"!
Well I know what he means.

Since losing my old cars because the Landlady insisted I get rid of the old caravans in which I stored stuff, I have, effectively, lost my hobby.  I have always had an absorbing hobby of some sort, but no more.  Modelmaking, I now realise, is too much like work, indeed mainly IS work, but now I am retired and pensioned and am not allowed to work because of said pension, I have no idea what to do with myself.  I used to maintain an interest in models as a hobby by sneaking odd hours in on some NON work based project that I had going round the old brain box, but now, there is nothing in the old ain box.  Tomorrow I shall take back all the model aircraft that my old friend, Pete has given me.  This is becauseI can't justify the cost of model aircraft club membership, insurance, fuel, etc.  And it's always blowing a wind round here, so I can't try anything out on the farmer's field.
I can't take his models and do nothing with them or worse still, sell them, so they must go back to him.  Engines must be sold as they're no damned good sitting on a shelf.

I have the Marblehead yacht for better weather, once it's done, but it's too big for my car, so will need son or son-in-law to cart it about.  I have smaller power boat models, but that kind of model boat bores me in 5 minutes!

I have slot cars, but that's pretty much all I've done for work in the last 3 years.

I have model railway dioramas.  I have toy steam.  I have inshore model fishing boats in 1/48th scale.
Do any blow my frock right up currently?  No.

So, that's where we are at the moment.  If the blog kind of dies out, you'll know why.  I happens.  As does the inability of this bloody machine to allow me to type and correct normally when it feels like it, so apologies for the typos.


  1. Martin we all go thru the doldrums, it's the nature of the creative beast. wallow in your self misery for a while, then GET YA FINGER OUT.

  2. No, this is nothing to do with doldrums. It is the loss of a hobby. That has never happened before and old fart that I might appear I am not ready for Afternoon TV just yet.
    I am just tired of it all and I know several others who feel much the same way. It is essentially a financial thing. Why should I get my finger out making stuff that doesn't interest me?

  3. I know a little of how you feel. Modelling done for work isn't the same as modelling done for fun.

    Perhaps a non-model making hobby is required? Easy to say, but difficult to arrange.

    After all, accountants don't go home and do accounts for fun do they?

  4. As you say, Phil, easy to say, but difficult to arrange.

    Knowing some accountants that I have, they probably do!

  5. Sorry to see you so down beat :-( The loss of the old cars must be a big blow, because, reading your blog, those seemed to be the really upbeat might not have got much done on them, but they were potential. Something else will come along, because that's the sort of chap you are, you won't be still for long! Hope you re-find your mojo soon.

  6. You need to come and play trains one day

  7. James, that would be wonderful. We are intending to go to the Fenland VAC fly-in on 16th April. Could you e-mail me?

  8. Ah, how do I get it to you without publishing it on here?

  9. Martin, I could post mine, which is fairly public anyway, in a comment and you could then delete it when seen

  10. That's fine, James, thanks.

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    2. Actually you don't need to approve it do you - just delete it when it pops up for approval