Saturday, 9 January 2016

Well, hursh mah mouth....

I knew it was a mistake.  Trying to take part in a forum from which I've been hounded more than once.
My oldest friend found me on it and after 48 years PM'd me through Slot Forum. I had to rejoin to read his message.  Sure enough it was he and once I had his e-mail address I should have bowed out of the forum as before.  But no, out of a lack of anything much to do while recovering I joined in again...and got the same old characters willfully misunderstanding me as ever.  Pushing their cock-eyed views as truth, poo-pooing my experience of decades as a professional, blah, blah.
The nonsense that a scratchbuilt model is more expensive than a Ready to Run one, etc.
Bloody fools.  I am as tight as a duck's arse. If making was more expensive than buying, would I really have been a maker of things all these years!
Of course if you MUST have 80 pound Dremels and 600 pound Chinese lathes or buy everything off the overpriced catalogue when building a slot car, then yes, you will have spent all your pocket money and more, but I don't even get pocket money, so I don't buy any of it for full price and neither should you.
Please don't look for me on Slot Forum any more.  I'm gone, man...solid gone....for good.


  1. As far as I know those £600 Chinese lathes are either reasonable but need work or total junk, and buying one is a lottery. Some suppliers will re-work one before you buy it for extra cost, which says a lot about those machines if they need fettling before use. The Austrians got it right.

  2. Paul, the guy making that point is a damned fool! My Peatol cost me £160 new and is a superb American Taig by any other name. Never given me a moment's trouble. Actually the Austrians got it very wrong with the appalling Unimat PC! But the SL90 and 3 were lovely tools. I've had 'em all!

  3. I once looked at a Chinese lathe at a ME show. Chatting to an enthusiast for the brand, he admitted that the tailstock wasn't central to the chuck, but that was OK as I could buy an adaptor to fix it. I decided not to bother.