Saturday, 2 January 2016

Sometimes it just has to be told...

Whilst in the Kings Lynn leg of my sick bed sojourn I shared the ward with a very nice chap, Dave Sugar.  Poor sod was in a worse state than me but we chatted about all sorts of stuff, finding that we were interested in so many common things.  Not least, music.

He is, for instance, the only person I've known in decades who not only knows of Indo-Jazz Fusions, but has the very same album!
But he gave me a name of a bass player of whom I had never heard.  Eberhard Weber.  I figured, with little to do for a while, I'd look him up on youtube. ........Lordy, lordy, what utter magic.  And I'm a fussy sod where music is concerned and even more so with the bass.
If you want to smile, cry and make your day as good as you deserve it to be, try this, it won't take
Go to 5:30 for just a few seconds if you're short of time and tell me you haven't been much improved by the experience.

Dave Sugar, thanks, mate. I hope we meet again in better circumstances.


  1. That is fascinating stuff...I hadn't heard of him, but am now going through his discography. His music is very special, quite beautiful. I guess with your refined musical tastes, you will have heard of Oddarang, or the Esbjorn Svensson Trio. Thanks for introducing me to Eberhard Weber.

  2. Always happy to widen the appeal of a fine musician, Iain. I have heard of Bo Bo Svensson, but not Oddarang. I'll look him/them up.
    Also, in looking into Weber I discovered Jan Garbarek on soprano sax. Where they play together, the magic goes through the roof!

  3. I will look out for that on YouTube. Weber is certainly a gap in my musical spectrum that you have filled. With Odarrang (a Scandi- jazz group) "Self Portrait" is a good place to start.

  4. Iain, I was mistaking Esbjorn Svensson for Bo Bo Stenson! Very nice sounds from EST and Odarrang. There must be something in the North European air I think, that is giving us superbly melodic jazz. I was sorry to see that Svensson died in 2008 from a Scuba accident.

  5. Wouldn't you know it? Youtube have removed that one track because of some crap about copyright! Never mind that every other track is still up there! So, to listen to it you need the album Pendulum and the track is Closing Scene and bollocks to youtube!