Friday, 24 April 2015

Is your skin like....?

Since writing the post on that ugly Audi, I have been pestered by apparently well meant, but barely English bogus comments, each of which invites me to look at a website which, for some reason is about skin!
Now, I know the Inimitable Flanders and Swann sung about the single Laceless Left hand Leather boot that could be found at every English village pond, but can these spammers see my skin from there?

Why now and why skin care for heaven's sake.

Is there any kind of spam filter that we can use on blogger?
There's sure as hell no way to contact blogger.  They keep themselves nicely tucked away like all the big internet companies.

Meanwhile see my website at skinlikescrotums. com

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  1. I sympathize. My blogs go through periods with lots of spam and then periods with none at all. No idea what sets it off. I've found that they tend to focus on posts a week or sol old, I guess in the hope that the blog owner won't notice them. I set my blogs to have comment moderation on any post over 7 days old. This allows for active conversations on new posts and seems to stop most spam. I don't think I've had to delete a comment hat got all the way through and published in over a year.

    Mind you I think you have comment moderation on for all posts, so at least you can kill the spam before it gets to your blog.