Wednesday, 6 August 2014

I'm an artist...dammit!...

No I'm not, I'm an illustrator and modelmaker and they are crafts with a wee bit of the art about them, BUT the above excuse is what I use, to do what I feel the need for, when I feel the need.
As if to follow from yesterday's post, I needed a break from the endless slot car masters( they all have Miliput setting currently), so I drew up the little cruiser from a couple of posts back and dragged out the trusty Black and Decker bandsaw and cut some Ureol, the slightly better grade stuff, because this is for my best customer.

The cutting off of the top bit of block gives me a perfect fit for the deck and enough thickness to file the fairly generous camber to it. It'll then get stuck back on to give me a hollow shell, once the hull is shaped and thinned finally.  As a waterline model there's no point in wasting resin.
The stern block then goes in and gets its camber filed on and finally, the clerestory cabin roof, cut here from an offcut.

As ever, it'll be the fiddly bits that take the real time.

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