Thursday, 28 August 2014

Anchors aweigh...

The boats have been finished in a very good time and will be off to N-Drive Productions for a show in early September.
I painted them yesterday and they will go in that self-etch primer, which I paint all non metallic masters in.
The brass structures are for the pot lifting mechanism aft and can be super-detailed by the buyer to his whim.
Hoping that a nice tiny Danforth anchor can be arranged on the photo-etch fret with the portholes for the cruiser.
Siren has come out rather nicely, I think and should allow for adaptability according to the buyers.
If these are a success, they will be repeated in 7mm scale.


  1. Extremely tidy work, Martin. They should be very successful.I couldn't begin to work all those complex curves yet you seem to be able to feel your way through the process by instinct!

  2. Ah, well, Iain, I grew up with boats and I have to churn out a ton of slot racing car bodies that are all curves, so I've developed a feel for curves,( Oooh, Matron!!).
    It's a brave punt on the client's part, so I hope they sell well too. That brass ship's wheel was a bit of a b**ger to do!

  3. A brave punt indeed. Hopefully they will sell in respectable numbers, and encourage further kits to be developed.