Monday, 17 February 2014

Ah!, let there be light!...

In some reasonable natural light, the latest work on the car woodwork has been photographed with some better success.
Here the repair chunk to the windscreen header rail has been glued in with epoxy and shaped up on the disc/belt sander.  The notch has yet to be finished.  To make epoxy resin into glue, you add a fluffy white powder called Colloidal Silicon.  It makes the epoxy gap-filling and much stronger once the surfaces have been wetted out with plain resin.
Before veneering, the old finish has to be removed, which is a job for a nicely sharpened scraper.  Whoever re-finished these parts ages ago must have used something like Sadolin fence paint! They are almost orange, ughh!

There is a trim piece that goes on top of the dashboard, which contains sweet little wooden demister outlets.
No repairs necessary, but as it's a nice mahogany, rather than the poplar used on the header rail, it will be scraped and re-varnished.

The glove box door has now had its bird's eye maple veneer added to its inside face for a little lightness
This needs trimming and a small addition made to the back edge where the veneer slipped when clamped up!

And here are those cappings that we started with.  They have been coated with one coat of Akrifan one-shot lacquer, which needs de-nibbing and another coat, then a polish with Duraglit and a waxing to finish off.
The re-inforcement tape on the rear of the badly split one and the little graving pieces that replaced rot and wear.

Next,  a bit of a gap while I wait for my hammer veneering equipment to arrive.

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