Sunday, 7 August 2011

Up, up and away

I've been getting empty headed lately. That's when things go tits-up with me and I was worrying about not having an idea, a plan, a scheme when for some reason I started thinking aeroplanes and model flying.
In the past I've considered it and other things have moved the thought, family, etc.

But this time it stuck and being a little jaded with model boats except sailing ones and slot cars (nowhere to do it), this old love, aircraft of a certain age and type and good models of them has proven its ability to stay with me.

So I started looking into it by doing a bit of internet research and joining an excellent British forum called RCMF.
I've been to the local flying site twice and been made very welcome by local club and forum members and have even chosen a suitable model, a De Havilland Hornet Moth.
I sent off for plans of a 46" span version and was appalled by the shoddy standard of draughtsmanship of these for the price, but I've checked and redrawn them and with a lot of pics from the net, I'm raring to go.
De Havilland Hornet Moth G-ADMT can't just fly. You have to learn first. Here I was lucky, in that a friend, keen to get me started, kindly has offered to build me a foam trainer, put a receiver and servos in it and teach me to fly. All I had to do was buy a suitable modern transmitter.
My dear wife agreed and so I have a very modern Spectrum DX5e coming (whatever that is!)

My new chums at the flying club tested my old engines and confirmed at least one was a "cracking little engine" and suitable for the proposed model.

To top it all, I discovered yesterday that the wonderful old Flying Club (full size) of which I used to be a very active member has recovered from its disastrous arson attack in 2003 and now has a Hornet Moth in residence! So you can tell where I'll be going very soon.

Check out a real English, grass field, tail-dragging rustic airfield at:-
I've flown several of the kites in the historic section of the Gallery, but they were all destroyed in the fire.

More anon., as I build my new challenge.

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