Thursday, 25 August 2011

Friends, indeed

Two Super 60s given to me by a new friend. The unused tailplane frame is seen above the old wing
I HAVE written before about internet friends. I seem to have 10 followers of this blog, yet I only know some of them. That's probably how it'll stay, because I can't seem to answer any of the comments and some friends can't get on the comments section at all, which is a shame.

So, to all the people who kindly follow this blog, thankyou and I hope it interests/amuses you.

In a way, through the internet, I have met my most recent friend, for it was through the model flying forum, that I was invited again to visit my local club flying field and through one of those visits that I met a new chum, Peter. We discovered we lived in neighbouring villages and I have visited his Alladin's cave of a workshop and house since.
We have had long circuitous chats as only good friends can and I feel like we're old buddies. In an area not known for its open, friendly nature, this is only the second time I've made a friend since I moved here in 1989.

On learning that I was a beginner at model flying and about to build a trainer, he presented me with a couple of Super 60s, one never finished, one crashed about 35 years ago and never rebuilt.
Naturally I grasped the opportunity. These days balsa wood is not cheap, so to get a couple of airframes merely needing repair or finishing was a very generous offer and I've already started repairing the old crashed one. It is broken badly at two main places on the fuselage and needs new wood scarfing in, which I've now done with the rear break and the model is as strong again as it ever was.

Meanwhile a friend from Oop North (another internet friend) has been building me a powered glider type of trainer, which I could fly on the fields around me.
With these two separate mentors I feel very well equipped to learn the hobby without making too many mistakes.

The forum? Ha! all forums, I'm no longer on it. There are always two or three big-headed know-it-alls who only post to criticise and "correct" and who get very shirty if you argue with them. In RCMF's case there was one in particular, who was clearly not used to being contradicted, until I came along and told him what was what in a field clearly not his own. It was obvious he would get nastier and so would I, so, feeling they had little else left to teach me, I left, removed it from favourites, etc.

"I have fed of the blood of fools to a sufficiency".

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