Thursday, 24 September 2009

A return to slot racing

After 42 years I rediscovered slot racing. I used to be a keen club racer in the 60s, but expensive can motor rewinds and sponsored team drivers at raceways killed it all very quickly, so I walked away from it.

Whilst looking for road vehicles to populate 1/32nd scale model railway layouts I found that there was a whole new world of slot racing, new clubs, new cars from Ready To Run companies like Scalextric and a lot of new companies I'd never even heard of.

During a discussion on Slot Forum I rashly offered to make patterns for accurate 1/32nd scale model car bodies and someone took me up on it, offering to mould them in resin. F-F Models was born, not as a business or anything fancy like that, but as a way of helping fellow enthusiasts out with really accurate, detailed bodies that they could put their own chassis under and go racing. Our website can be found at

Our models are now all over the world and have been very well recieved so far.

This a Lola Mk4 F1 car from the early 60s. An F-F Models body kit built by Chris Wright in America..and very beautifully too!

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