Wednesday, 23 September 2009

1931, we had it all!

In 1931, Great Britain had all the major World Speed Records and that is an achievement that has never been matched, before or since.

To celebrate this fact I did some paintings of the holders, with head and shoulders portraits of the drivers and pilots in pencil.

My intention is to compile these into a poster format for sale.

Here are some of the pictures:-

Miss England II, driven by Henry O'Neil De Hane Segrave, one of the finest of British heroes.

The beautiful Supermarine S6B, forerunner of the Spitfire, with a Rolls-Royce R-type engine, seen on Calshot Water.
Flown by Squadron Leader Stainforth to over 400m.p.h.

The Zenith-J.A.P. motorcycle on which Joe Wright took the World Speed Record at over 150m.p.h.

This is a pencil study, since no colour reference has come to light, though in those days most British bikes were just black!
Bluebird, Sir Malcolm Campbell's record breaker on Daytona Beach. Sir Malcolm and his son, Donald were in very much the same mould as Segrave, breaking records for Britain, before themselves.

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