Monday, 30 March 2020

Did I say still flying?...

Ha!  Forget it. I see I haven't blogged since October last year.  And, coincidentally, I haven't flown either. I managed to walk to the field when the track was boggy, but didn't get to fly as it was too windy.  So I made a trolley to take stuff on foot, but then this virus shite hit and they closed the field anyway.  So effectively I will have paid a year's subs for a couple of month's use and frankly I think the club should give us some free months next year. I may even chuck it all as, having got interested, keen even, bought gear, built aircraft and planned others, it's all fallen to bits. I'm back on the slot racers.  I'm seriously considering pulling the yachts out again. There's a river up the road with nobody on it and nobody near me.  Model boats...there won't be anyone else!

But it struck me that one of the main reasons that so many people are having a hard time with staying in is because they have nothing in their lives that fulfills them.  They've spent years poo-pooing hobbies, pretending that they're too busy and now, when a hobby is exactly what they should be able to easily fall back on, they have nothing.  Going out, having friends round, travelling, sport?  They are NOT hobbies. They may be interests in some small way, but a hobby is something that really absorbs you.  Because I work from home and always have with few exceptions (which I hated!) having to stay in is no different to me.  I have usually worked at my hobby and raised a family and paid a mortgage on it.  But there are many aspects of that same way of earning a living that are purely hobby elements.  I can switch between them.  Model yachts (for me only), model scenery ( an artistic for me aspect), model railways (now client only), model cars (bit of each). Over the years I have also done static model aircraft, model furniture, even model firearms (which worked!).  I can also turn to restoring an old Seagull outboard motor, repairing and rejuvenating ancient pond yachts and repairing all manner of stuff for others.  I could do that Repair Shop programme standing on my head! They clearly have no idea how to paint anything for a start!

If people had absorbing hobbies, they could do the chores then turn to the shed or the spare room and be in another world. The time flies.  Why not buy a model kit (online if your local shop has shut, like mine) and build it. Really try to do it well, maybe if your kids are home do it with them. Buy what appeals to you both and make that. Never mind school stuff. That's all pointless crap, as this enforced absence will eventually prove.  Use their time and yours to learn about and build something interesting. A plastic kit maybe or a balsa wood and tissue model you can actually fly with the child.  Make a point of watching youtubes about it (and there WILL be a youtube about it) and make it something enjoyable and absorbing for both of you. And when it all goes back to normal, you will have something far more fulfilling to do than watching some bunch of overpaid pansies kicking a bladder about or going and sitting in a grossly overpriced caff of dubious cleanliness drinking coffee you can make better yourself.

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