Wednesday, 29 June 2016

4 weeks on nearly...

And after my TIA, if that's what it was, I am driving again.  Nice, but I really did enjoy being ferried around. It was so nice to be able to look at stuff, rather than just vaguely see it rushing by.  There is a kind of trance-like turning in on oneself about occupying somebody's back seat while they mutter to their partner in the front and the world trundles by outside.
But, nightwork for the son-in-law and repairs to the daughter's Jeep forced my hand. Drive or starve.

Medically, I have a checkup on Monday about the TIA, I've had a checkup of no great conclusion, about the heart attack and I had a 48 hour ECG strap on me.
But I still have a slightly numb left leg that goes hot and cold and although my right arm is working fine again, my left arm is a little numb and gets coldfingers.  All things I will have to report on Monday.  My long term back ache problems are now more severe if I bend unsupported, but that can be dealt with.  I am finding the 30 minute exercise regime very difficult to keep up as walking round here will kill you with boredom!  I might get a pushbike again.

On Monday also, I am meeting a chap who I haven't seen since we were 17.  We first met as we both walked into Parklands school on out first ever day of what passed for education in those days.He was 5. I was 4 1/2. We're both now 63.  Amazingly he lives where we were for our 5 day break recently.  And used to live where we also visited. his Mum lives near us on the coast and he's combining visits.  It will be very odd to meet him again. Hehas had the most conventional of lives and I....have not.
No doubt his kids will have been to university and gone on to allegedly good jobs.

We shall see.

I have been doing frames and a building form for making a 152VO model boat. I have even ordered an outboard, sans brushless motor.  No point in buying one of those till the boat is made.  Have also made a Group 44 Spitfire for a friend and am now doing a hardtop for a Mk1 version of the car.  So, keeping busy, but not exactly busting a gut over it.

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