Thursday, 26 May 2016

Ignorance is.....everywhere!...

Whilst researching a boat maker quickly this morning I came across this:-

Boat Description

a once in a life time to own and see this superb craft
this craft has rear well  door s and full sliding roof with her large area  to sprawl in the 37 foot class she has plenty of room
she started life in Herbert wood s hire fleet built, in 1965 as golden light class to be the next big thing ,they  built several  and smaller versions too with great success
elsie with her super fitt out under went a refitt a few yrs ago
she was taken out of the water and spent a few years stripping and rebuilt inside to a high standard and open plan design with numerous hidden features too all bespoke to the current owners design
all top grade wood s oak, best marine plywoods and hard wood used too
the inside will speak for it self
she still look like a standard golden light out side but far form that inside this  little broads flag ship from the 60,s
with her new 50 hp nanni engine and warm air  central heating, inverter to  power an ything and shore power too she will cruise all over
all wiring  plumbing is all new all new rebuilt inside
new decks new roof new cabin sides
inside is a dream …………
as she has been stood all season owner has requested she is lifted and goes into our boat shed for a spruce up ……….
avail to view now but won,t be sold till she is shinny again
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Can you really believe that in this day and age, there is anyone quite so appallingly ill-educated as to actually publish such barely readable drivel on the internet, much less their own website?

I emailed to register my disgust and this is what the knuckle dragging retard sent back:-

"simple ans go poke your posh stupid ponsy attitude up yer areese

see how yer like that ...

now orf my larnns if all yer got to doo its rite ponssi emails then yer sad ole bawl

bit rorf new for yer to I,m ojne of the biggest sellers here on the bruds not bad for an iltlirtae twat from nrofilk ....

just check me out we sell boats daily and for good money too

so my cutomers are happy


Would you buy an overpriced old tub off this throwback?

Welcome to England in the 21st century.


  1. If you want to be taken seriously, communicate properly!
    The man's a bloody fool!!

  2. Isn't he? He now claims he left the company...then why defend the ad and answer THROUGH the company's e-mail address! If you're an uneducated retard, that's up to you, but don't write the text of a public website!

  3. Beyond belief! Illiteracy and stupidity are a powerful combination :-)

  4. It sure is, Iain and so many seem to think it's fine to be that way.
    Adult literacy classes are available everywhere. Tere's no excuse for being that way and certainly none for being defensive about it. I wish my computer literacy would enable me to return to my usual type face rather than have to continue using THEIR type face after the quote! But I guess people got the point.