Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Maybe I should finish the...

I have carted the McLaren M8F around from pillar to post for years.
I started it way back  at the Millenium's turn after measuring and photographing it at Scott Racing over a couple of days.
I then had to stop work on it because of our sojourns afloat and finally got it back recently from safe storage at my son's place.  I did a few bits and pieces, but now I have a bit of a pursuit gap, I thought I might just try to finish it.  Assuming I can work out what the sketches are that I did way back then. They're all there in an inch thick book!
Here's some of the work I did at the time:-
Zippo lighter for scale.
The aluminium work is all litho plate, with rivets done from behind with a slightly blunt scriber into dips in brass strip, held in the vice.
Front frame including pedal units.

Much more to come as I work my way through the mass of pipework and parts whose purpose now escapes me.  Unfortunately the car had long since gone to Holland and has since been sold again, I know not to whom.


  1. BY all means Martin ... you MUST continue with this one. So glad you still have it. This and your Birdcage Maser are my favourites of everything I've seen of your work.

    You resume it and I promise to finish 4472.


    1. Your 4472 is much more advanced, Frank and a beauty.
      But I'll have that in mind when I dig out the bits, many of which I can neither remember or identify! I'm weighing up whether to treat myself to some Scale Hardware nuts and bolts. Right now, I'm chilling to some Miles Davis and the album Kind of Blue. A man can only take so many Christmas films!

  2. Too kind by far Martin. Modesty was always you strong suit.

    We'll agree to disagree on Miles Davis though. I'm a Philistine when it comes to jazz. Nothing after Dave Brubeck for me.


  3. Most of his stuff leaves me behind, but that album is a sweet one. I love Brubeck too. My mate once jammed with him! I'm trying to recapture my vinyl, which is all at son's place. I'm on Mayer's Indo-Jazz Fusions right now. It's drowning out the TV News! Thank Heaven for Youtube music. Some of these double bass players get away with some terrible out of tune playing!