Thursday, 10 September 2015

Nearly done, bar the paint.....

Back last year I was paid up front to make a model of a customer's friend's new narrow boat, an S.M.Hudson 60 footer.
It has had to be fitted around earners till my official retirement recently as it was too big a commitment in time to be otherwise.  In fact, I charged way too little for the amount of work it has proved to be.

No matter, tis nearly done.
In self etch primer.

The rivet work is impressed from behind in litho plate with a home made tool.  On the real boats these are entirely bogus dummy rivets made of welded on washers, an attempt to look like a "Josher", an old working boat run by Joshua Fellows.  Those of us who despise such follies call them "washer Joshers"!  But the damned things had to be on the model.

I am now out to spray its last coat of self-etch primer/surfacer to cover all the aluminium hinges I have added to the side doors.  I have also cut out the circles in which the brass portholes will fit.  This was done with a Compass Cutter set to minimum so the surface of the plywood was cut through to avoid splitting when the holes themselves were dug out with a small Rotafile in the minidrill.


  1. Very nice work, Martin! The bow area is particularly fine. I hope you will show some shots of the finished item?

  2. Thanks, Iain. It's been a long slog, but the first colour coat went on today (cream) and with my trusty Paasche Model H airbrush using Zero paints. Fantastic stuff! I didn't want to use the spray gun as the higher pressure could have damaged the masking and made way too much overspray. I will show more as things advance.