Saturday, 13 June 2015

Vac-formed lids for the TR2...

While we were away with the Northern family last week, I took the opportunity to test the vacuum forming patterns for the TR2 as it's No 1 son who does all my customers' vac-formed windows, etc.
What became so obvious was the finish required to represent glass.  It seems that the vacuum was actually pulling through the closed cell structure of the Ureol material I use for my patterns as the very finish on the Ureol was repeated faithfully on the thin PVC being formed.  Great for the soft top material, but ghastly for the hardtop, which has to be smooth enough to paint on the inside for a perfect finish.
So, armed with that info, I made changes to the patterns on my return and also made the side screen patterns. In order to not make the same mistake again, I made the widow parts of the side screens from layered nickel silver, to represent the sliding nature of the side windows.
The soft top down was fine so remains unchanged.

Here are all the parts.  Hardtop, soft top up, soft top down, interior pan and left and right side screens.

And to celebrate our silver wedding anniversary, granddaughter, Holly, made these fairy cakes and decorated them with her Mum.

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