Sunday, 15 February 2015

The Latest Freebie...

My dear bride has a habit of telling me to get my arse in the car as she wants to go collect something she's found on one of the many local sites she frequents.  And Heaven knows, she's won us some goodies, from greenhouses to paving slabs.
Funnily enough I had just finished laying some of said paving slabs for the car to sit on, instead of grass today, when the little head popped round the door frame and said, "don't get comfy, we're off to Euximoor".

Euximoor,  What a name.  The locals call it "Exmoor", but Heaven forfend that a Fennie should open the mouth more than is absolutely necessary.

I knew of the place, or rather the road, for there is nothing there but a few dispersed buildings.  But I had never been over that particular bridge before.

Now there is "middle of nowhere", then there is "back of beyond", but this was "right out in the sticks and then some".  Out here you could be up to all sorts of tricks and nobody would have a Scooby Do what you were a-doing of.  The missing MG Magnette K3 could be in any of those ramshackle sheds behind suspiciously strong steel close boarded fences.  Chinese-run dope factories could be sitting steaming along powered by an illegal tap to the power lines,  a whole wooden village could be built from the old palets and fruit boxes piled by the thousands.
At the end of all this mystery and demi-dereliction, typical Fenland 'scape, was a surprisingly neat and clean old farmhouse where my PSE7 was to be collected.
For the strangest reasons he added a very early boxed Airfix Stephenson's Rocket kit and a Heller Jumbo jet in 1/450 th scale, which I'll build with my grandson this week.

You just never know what'll come up on these sites.

PSE7 is installed and running and I'm learning it slowly.  I used to have Photoshop 6, not Elements, on my old Mac, but this is totally different.

However, I put some pics in, of Elm church and corrected the vertical perspective of the tower and the chancel window.  What a fantastic effect for architectural modelmakers, as is the line drawing effect, which, nota bene Mr. Robinson, gives a much quicker, clearer impression of the depth and degree of stomework courses for when we go a-diggin' on the Foamex.

I would have posted an example, but I've no idea what PSE7 has done with my pictures!


  1. It is amazing how capable recent versions of Elements are. Personally though I find that Lightroom meets my needs 99% of the time. I'll open Photoshop once in a blue moon, either because I need to correct non trivial distortion or to do something involving complex layers.

  2. Oh, you've lost me there, James. I never could get my head round Layers. I once spent 4 1/2 hours removing an unwanted person from a significant family photo. I got there, but not by understanding much! I also removed the big white cross from our best wedding photo. My old boss, who took the official pictures, lost the negs, so a few proofs are all we have. But this new Elements thing is like a whole new programme. I'd still like my original PS6 to go with the few new features I can work on this latest one. I used to have Illustrator too, but that disappeared when I went PC, after my old Mac. I actually got Illustrator to work for p/e a/w, long before that was a necessity. In those days you drew in Illustrator, printed to size in red and blue and sent it off. After all that work (I could have done it with a pen in a fraction of the time) the damned piece of shite Epson printer produced a mauve blob. I threw the thing outside with the rubbish where it belonged. It was gone in half an hour and I was permanently put off drawing on Pootahs.

  3. Pse7? I'm using 12 or quite possibly 13. I know a deal is a deal but if we lived closer and it wasn't such a long float I'd gladly give you all the old software I have laying about in bins waiting to go to the good will dump.
    As to where your photos got off to can't you simply open PSE and then go to open and click on recently viewed or whatever ? That will then bring up the last photo you worked aon and then you have aname. Yoy do name them don't you? I mean img 00993345583421 don't rally tell you much do it? Christ! Save them as anything but that. Change them over to a usable format and call it Martin's Nose gum if need be. Anything but img. You may also designate a folder as well as a format to save them to at some time before you close out.
    So if all else fails just go to start, all programs and type in the name of whatever you think you saved it as. Once it shows you how many files with the name you have there right click on that and the drop down will open and take you to file location if you ask it nicely.
    I know, you've figured all this out already and the old man here is babbling away like a hydrocephalic four armed head scratcher.

    Oh the places we shall go and the places we shall see if only....................

    I couls add more but I'm still somewhat shocked by the ferocity of the insurance inspectors who made a return vist this past week. High colonioc time again methinks!
    But keep taking photos of all that surrounds you as it will be gone soon enoigh. I'd do the same here but the bulldozers are actually faster than the camera shutters in Florida.

  4. Rich, I don't understand a word of it, mate. I don't even know if it saved the things or not. I was only playing. I still have the originals. I really don't like the modern Photoshop compared with the old one. I got the hang of that easily. When I looked at an Adobe video of how to do something it wasn't even the same format on screen. You know my bloody luck with pootahs, mate. All double Dutch to me.
    You click save as and the selection shimmer stays put! Yet the one glimpse I had of what had saved had it on the list. Anyway, it's usable and free and the keystone correction facility is invaluable for doing church towers and windows. Without a printer here, it's all academic anyway.
    Send me a mail about your insurance problems.

  5. Martin,
    You understand far more of it than I do, the difference is that you care and I don't. I just make it work and never push it to it's intended limits. I simply touch up and correct photos, simple as that.
    The computer was going to be the end all and be all of everything. It was going to save us ever so much time and effort and keep everything handy and no ,more paper to worry about.
    Seems it's main value now is simply for photos and email. Things that no one gives a rat's arse about and don't mind that no matter how great the damned thing are, no matter how strong the encryption, it can an sooner, not later, will be hacked.
    Not saying that they don't have their use, just sayin' that if it's online then it's going to be in the public domain soon enough.

    I'd sooner suck out and eat my own eye balls then tell you the tale of my insurance travails.Our insurance industry, for the most part is so crooked it could break a snakes back!