Tuesday, 15 July 2014

A quick Foamex example...

I have just had a quick go at showing what Foamex can do.  I was waiting for some Milliput to cook, so in no more than 5 minutes did this all round exemplar of what you can do with the stuff. I used a graver and an old craft knife, not even a straight edge!
This is all done with impression as opposed to cutting.
Just one piece of scrap 3mm. Foamex, pushed into different levels and impressed with the back of a graver.
The brickwork was first pushed slightly lower than the render and then impressed with the back of a craft knife, with the upper courses done with the edge of the knife, just pushed down, not drawn along...take your pick.
The render was then pressed with a new sheet of 80 grit emery cloth to give it more texture, although some texture is on the Foamex as standard.
The door and its frame were also pressed to slightly different levels, before being impressed with planking detail.

Finally, to make a corner to the building, the back has been cut away with a V to within an ace of the surface and then the corner merely bent in, but a mitred corner would be fine if you go through.
The back of this piece of Foamex shows that my samples came from a signage company!


  1. Okay I'm sold, that looks like it works really well. If you do have some I could experiment with that would be great!

  2. PM me your address, Mark and I'll get some off to you.

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  4. Thanks,

    I find this rather inspirational


  5. Tim, I'm glad to help in any way. I was blown away by this material's potential. My son has loads of it and thought it might replace my beloved card. I noticed where storage had marked it and thought the obvious, "Hmm, that will go further than card". Hence my trials at impression. And my favourite old CS10 line board card is now not made and fetches silly prices on ebay! This is free for me and cheap for anyone else.

  6. Ah, I used to love that old CS10. Where if you made a mistake you could just scrape it off with the scalpel! And that amazingly thick CS2 as well. These exemplars you have done are indeed inspirational...I can't wait for my bits to arrive and I can start messing about.

  7. I saw a sheet of CS10 go for £150 Iain. Crazy. I have two buildings made of it! We use to buy it in big packs when I was an Illustrator and I thought nothing of nicking half a sheet for a building. Of course, nothing will replace the pleasure of colouring a card building with watercolours, but that ain't gonna happen any more, so this new stuff will be an eye opener for you, I hope.

  8. Remarkable! And a lot easier on the fingers than scribing I dare say.

  9. Indeed, Chas. I just hope in 10 years time it doesn't ll spring back and leave a model looking like brick paper! But I don't think so.