Sunday, 13 April 2014

The Big Cat...

Back in the 70s, which I have more or less forgotten, if I ever remembered, Jaguar asked the superb tuning company of Broadspeed to prepare a car to beat the Gerries in saloon racing.  Don't ask me which Group or exact series it was, I don't "do" all that nerdy stuff, but anyway, Ralph Broad and his chaps knocked out a huge growling monster, which when it staid the course, was a demolisher of Johnnie Foreigner, the Jaguar XJ Coupe V-12, known immediately as the Big Cat.

A while back a customer gave me one of the ghastly Ocar versions of this as a slot racing shell and asked if I could "correct" it a bit.
Well, of course I could

So I did:-

Seen here with a Ferrari 801 to which I did the same job

These should be new models in Mel Ault's TinTop and PreWing ranges.

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