Saturday, 29 March 2014

Who's a little Pro. then?...

It's time we stopped this fawning, deferential attitude to so-called professionals that we are forced to tolerate when institutions want "certified" copies of signatures, for instance. When will these corporate snobs realise that anyone who works for a living IS a professional and that there are as many, embezzling, lying, cheating, smoking, drinking, fornicating, duplicitous, whoring deadbeats amongst the "professional" classes as any other section of the morass we call humanity. Why is a teacher a professional and a class room assistant isn't? Why is a pharmacist with a degree (probably a 2/2 from some poly turned University) a pro and a pharmacist without, isn't? What a complete crock of shit this all is. I will NOT go running around looking for some smug bastard to sign a photocopy. The chances are he's a wife-beating, drunk with a secret cross-dressing habit anyway. He can just keep it a bit quieter than Fred down the local garage.

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