Sunday 3 January 2021

New year, but same ol'?...

 Well, for those I didn't get round to beforehand, let me wish a Happy New Year to.

Of course it's only a date and there are plenty would tell us that those are quite arbitrary and unreliable.  Who knows...who cares?

With the Plague still mightily upon us, I have not bothered to renew my membership of either the flying club or the BMFA for insurance as I'm most unlikely to be doing any flying for the foreseeable future.  What happens to batteries in that time, Gawd knows, but I have a ceiling full of model aircraft that I really don't know if I even want to bother with any more.  It was good to try model flying and I made one good friend in the first club who I still see (Plague permitting), but I didn't get the big buzz I expected from it.  The best part was having an excuse to do something with my wife as she enjoyed coming to the field with me and watching and I don't want to stop that.  But it was a bit of a trek for just a couple of flights and it is entirely dependent on whether the instructor is there, which he is unwilling to be during any chance of Plague being around.

So, I don't know, but I won't be going again until we're completely clear if at all.

Chris bought me a wood turning lathe for Christmas, on which I made a couple of pens. One for me, one for my granddaughter. I was pleased with them, but some foreign turd on a forum was rude about them and me, so I called him a shithead and left. Why DO I join these things. As usual the FB group is much better controlled, except they were all trying to flog their stuff and I didn't like their designs anyway, so I left those too. And that has all left a bad taste in the mouth for a while, so back to slot cars, I suppose. Attempts at a new hobby are always fraught with pitfalls.  Mainly because they involve dealings with Earthlings!  I sup of their limited usefulness to a sufficiency and leave.  I am always better alone in my interests.

I have been having a break from other peoples' work for a while leading up to Christmas, but may return earlier than intended out of a form of boredom.  Maybe "my" stuff is less absorbing than I'd hoped.  I have a BMW 635 CSL to do for a friend and a whole load of stuff for another in the model railways field.  I've also got on very well with Lantern Yard and have the water and railway bit of it to finish, then, for lack of space, it goes to said railway man as a travelling display for his exhibitions, if they ever return!

So that's me up to date.  Living in the Age of Plague makes little difference to us as we were never ones for going out and living it up anyway.  I sanitize and mask up for shopping trips and we're awaiting the call to the distant doctors' for the new jab.  Our's can't do them for some reason.  Otherwise all is as it always was.

Stay safe, all of you.

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