Friday, 5 September 2014

Hole in the wall and other reasons to be cheerful...

 As a scenic rather than a railway modeller there are some scenes that just creep up and whack me on the head.  I don't much care which class of diesel loco it is, but how can a chap resist this as a wee diorama?
Especially as I actually remember these shunting on Gt. Yarmouth quays when I was a kid, maybe 11 or 12.  The pub is still there, but the house isn't, so neither is that miniscule gap.  Shame. You see I have a weird thing for railways that run close to buildings, especially buildings of an essentially domestic kind.  Not for me the obvious factories full of those steel framed windows.  I KNOW that behind this little set-piece there are low sheds full of printers and upholsterers. That's more like it.
Imagine nipping outside your shed door for a quick Woodbine and having a Drewry shunter take the end off it!
So this has to go in the in tray for consideration for one of my set-pieces.  It's White Swan Yard, btw. It's the end of the loop line from Yarmouth Beach Station on the old M&GN.  Just behind the photographer it joined the GER line from Vauxhall station and went off down the quays.

I'm thinking 2mm scale for this one as before the Drewry shunters they used proper Tram engines and I just happen to have made a master for one of those for N-Drive....


  1. Never mind this, Martin, I want you to build that church! :-) Seriously though, this is a wonderful idea for a model, one that you would do full justice to. I do remember seeing a similar model in "S" scale done several years ago in the MRJ but you would bring something very special to it, especially in 2mm. Another one I hope you get round to!

  2. Very spooky, Iain, my first thought was S scale as I have always been a fan of it, but the Tram loco swings it, time-wise, to 2mm.
    The church has priority. It's quite a big one, so I may have to rethink my usual 7mm there too. The Wisbech and Upwell line runs very near that as well. But I don't think I could do justice to a church in 2mm. It has many different materials in its structure.

  3. I love that photo - it looks like the Drewry is pushing the buildings aside. Like yourself I'm drawn to railways that run close to and behind buildings, with the train visible only fleetingly as it passes alleyways and gaps. A fine idea for a layout.

  4. Unfortunately, Paul, I don't have space for a layout as such, so little set-pieces are what I thrive on. This one would probably go to Nev at N-Drive for when he does shows. There was a P4 layout blog about White Swan Yard, but nothing seems to have happened with it.

  5. The S gauge was probably part of Trevor Nunn's East Lynn Layout
    Richard Preece

    1. Thanks, Richard. I know the name of the layout, but haven't seen it as such.

  6. The strange thing is that shot actually looks so model like already, even the pose of that chap. I think though I would be tempted to go with the largest scale possible.

  7. You have a point there, James. I was thinking about using the same setting, but using a couple of buildings I already have to abut the rails. It works them into another set-piece, rather than extending my garage scene too far.
    In which case, the existing buildings are 7mm scale.